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Geology of Oman

The geology of Oman has encouraged the existence and growth of a geologic community. Geological Society of Oman (GSO) is one of the first vocational societies in Oman that aims to spread geo-scientific knowledge among students, professionals and publics to preserve the geological heritage of Oman.

Geological Society of Oman

One of the first professional associations known in the Sultanate of Oman, and organized more than 100 scientific and non-scientific events for members and the Omani community, and it also published many scientific publications and periodicals, and participated in many local and international scientific forums, and includes more than 500 geological members of various levels of employees, students and researchers.


1- Growing the geoscience professionals, associates, and students’ communities

* Identify and contribute to meeting the aspirations of the members of the Association. * Providing advice, inspiration and developing the skills of the members of the association. * Promote and develop the activities and products of the members of the association. * Acting as a link between academics working in the fields of earth sciences and the private sector and the government sector in the Sultanate of Oman. * Formulate and use a new digital strategy to expand the interaction of members of the association and volunteers more easily and effectively.

2- Securing and create a sustainable future for the society

* Develop a sustainable financial strategy for the stability and growth of the association. Strengthening relations with governmental and non-governmental agencies for mutual benefits and strategic alliance at the level of the Sultanate and at the international level. * Looking forward to anticipating and managing potential risks to the Association. * Staffing and the ability to retain employees, members, knowledge and information.

3- Promote and Sustain Geoscience Discipline

* Enriching earth science plans, libraries and publications related to earth science disciplines * Make the Geological Society of Oman a center for information and resources related to the geology of Oman. * Demonstrate the potential of earth science research in facing and finding solutions to the challenges facing society and the environment. * Spreading the importance of studying earth sciences majors in government agencies, schools and universities. * Establishing strong scientific networks with the government and private sectors in Oman.



To be the premier platform of geoscience in Oman, driving its advancements and development

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